How long should it take to sell my business?

Average Selling Price / Days on the Market

– Statistics Regarding Selling a Business –

If you’re a business owner considering selling your business, it’s helpful to know some basic statistics regarding averages for selling a business.

The following information was gleaned utilizing data from a Pratt’s Stats database, based on transactions of private companies by private buyers. The “Average Days on the Market by Asking Price” information compares how many days it typically takes a company to sell based on the business listing price.

Average Days on the Market by Asking Price

Selling Price under $150K – 190 days

between $150K and $500K – 210 days

between $500K and $1M – 225 days

between $1M and $5M – 245 days

greater than $5M – 275 days

Typically, companies took longer to sell as the asking price rose. This could be the result of a smaller

available buyer pool at higher price points.

The “Average Selling Price Discount from Asking Price by Days on the Market” information compares the average difference between the original listing price with the eventual selling price based on how many days a business took to sell. Typically, there was a greater difference between the asking and selling price the longer it took the company to sell, but the difference was very slight. While it seems the average discount from the asking price would be greater the longer the company remained on the market, there may be many sellers who refuse to accept much less than the asking price, causing the average days on the market to be greater with little impact on the discount from the asking price.

Average Selling Price Discount from Asking Price by Days on the Market

Less than 100 Days on Market – 15% Discount

100 to 250 Days on Market – 17% Discount

250 to 500 Days on Market – 18% Discount

Greater than 500 Days on Market – 18% Discount

“The Average Days on the Market by Year” examines how many days, on average, it took a company to sell based on the year. It appears that companies typically sold more quickly in the 90’s and early 2000’s compared with recent years.

Average Days on the Market by Year

1998 thru 2007 – averaged 185 days

208 thru 2016 – averaged 230 day

Obviously, averages do not apply to every business transition transaction, but it’s good for business owners to know what happens during most business transition transactions, so they don’t have unrealistic expectations.

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